"My Mission Is to bring individuals, organizations and businesses together too achieve a mutually successful goal. Economic Empowerment"

Lee Moultrie
Economic Empowerment
The Great Connector


Always for the Community

Lee originally known as a primary plaintiff in a winning  Supreme Court case in Washington DC for South Carolina. 


He began to dedicate his life to helping people. As a result of his dedication was a nominee of the prestigious Jefferson Award.


Now Lee Moultrie is dedicated to bring Economic Empowerment to all communities.

Lee Moultrie have met with 3 CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies

Image by Samuel Branch

Lee helped a Veteran resolve a
$80,000 issue to receive an operation.

He introduced a business to a billion dollar industry. The business can now participate in that industry.

He was the primary force in breaking up a fake mediation prison scam and saved victims from spending THOUSANDS of Dollars.

He advised and helped a family whose child had to have emergency surgery for a brain tumor.



How can I help you?

Lee H. Moultrie & Associates, LLC


Office: (843) 882-5525 | Mobile: (843) 813-1152 | Toll Free: 1-800-508-0754 | Fax: (866) 871-4640

Office Hours: 5:30 AM - 9:30 PM EST USA

6650 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29406

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