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Healthcare Advocate


Lee H. Moultrie II is community outreach coordinator for the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing, and the REACH Charleston and Georgetown Diabetes Coalition ( In these positions, he works to promote healthful living; and connect people with public and private resources that can help them fight disease and raise their awareness of risk factors.

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After retiring from the United States Air Force, Moultrie became increasingly active in promoting health and wellness awareness.

He participates in several ongoing research and awareness projects, including US TOO’s Minority and Underserved Populations Prostate Cancer Awareness Program, Men’s Health Network, National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer III, US TOO Prostate Cancer Support Groups and the South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network.

In 2005, Moultrie participated in a national PBS video special called “A Lion in the House,” which helped educate the community about the impact of childhood cancer on families.

In 2006, he co-authored an article in the August Journal of South Carolina Medical Association entitled “Prostate Cancer Disparities in South Carolina: Two Generations Talking from a Male’s Perspective.”

Moultrie also serves on the Executive Committee of the statewide South Carolina Cancer Alliance; the Executive Board for the Noisette Foundation; Chairman of the 100 Black Men of Charleston, Inc. School Improvement Council; Chairman for North Charleston High School; Promoting Health and Wellness Vision Council of the Trident United Way; Charleston County Diabetes Coalition; American Legion Veteran’s Organization; Royal Baptist Church and the Brotherhood Association; and also on the National Health and Wellness committee of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

Diabetes Self Management Program.webp

He serves on a leadership committee with the Glaucoma Research Foundation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Glaucoma Awareness Initiative, United Negro College Fund committee in Charleston, legislative ambassador with the American Cancer Society, Toast Master and a member of the 50 Million Pound Challenge.

As a result of his dedication, Lee was a nominee of the prestigious Jefferson Award.

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